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Turkey Tango
Posted On:
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Students Dancing
Students Dancing

On November 25, students in every grade level participated in our annual Turkey Tango event. During special areas, students learned how to dance the Tango and also learned dance etiquette. We had several winners in each grade level. 


  • Luke and Georgia
  • Josiah and Emma
  • Noah and Sadie

 1st Grade

  • Aiden and Ashlyn
  • Kathryn and Jasper
  • Joseph and Malaya

2nd Grade

  • Drew and Presley 
  • Caleb T and Harper
  • Miguel and Addy H 

 3rd Grade

  • Ayden and Abilene
  • Gavin and Adrianna
  • Trinity and Greg

4th grade

  • Matthew and Sophie 
  • Caden and Arianna 
  • Paiton and Gage 

5th grade

  • Lleyton and Alyssa 
  • Cameron  and Addison C
  • Carlos and Mary Beth


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