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New Market School-Age Child Care

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New Market School Age Child Care




What is it?
-New Market SACC is a quality program that is designed with the working family in mind.
-The program is for children who are in Kindergarten up to age 12.
-It is a caring, learning, and safe environment for the children.
The program includes crafts, sports, games, art, and music.


Hours of Operation:
-New Market SACC provides child care on days Jefferson County Schools are in session, in the afternoons from when the children are released from school until 6:00 p.m.
-In addition, the program will operate on a full day basis, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on in-service days and certain school holidays.
-The New Market SACC is conveniently located at this school.
-The program will spend most of its time in the gym, and it will be posted when the children go somewhere else, such as the computer lab, cafeteria, or outside on the playground.
-New Market SACC’s costs are flexible and affordable.
-Our fees go toward direct operating costs, such as purchasing snacks, art and crafts supplies, and equipment.
-There are different types of enrollment options to fit your needs, such as full time, part time, and drop-in.
Meals & Snacks:
-On days that the school is in session, the children will be provided with an afternoon snack.
-When the program is operating on a full day basis, the children will be provided a morning and afternoon snack, and they must bring a packed lunch.
-The New Market SACC has safety and security procedures.
-The door where the children are to be picked up at is always locked and only SACC staff members are allowed to open the door.
-Children will not be released to anyone other than to the parent(s) or authorized persons.
-Individuals not known to the SACC staff will be asked to see identification before the children are released to them.
-The program also does regular monitoring of the equipment inside and outside, including the playground.
Why Choose Us?
-Comfort of knowing that your child is in a safe, caring, and learning environment.
-Staff members are trained to meet the needs of the children, are positive role models, and are CPR certified.
-Time is provided for the children to complete their homework and the SACC staff will provide homework assistance when needed.
-We offer various types of enrollment.
-We are located in the school.