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School Counseling
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School Counselor


Welcome to the NMES School Counseling Page  

To view Mrs. Williams' information, click here.  

 Image of the school counseling bulletin board for Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Counseling Bulletin Board (located outside Mrs. Williams' office).  


Hi everyone, and welcome to the New Market Elementary School School Counseling Page.  My name is Megan Williams and I am the new school counselor at NMES this year.  

I graduated from Carson-Newman University this May with a Master of Science in Counseling, and I am looking forward to spending this school year with you at NMES!

I will providing services to students through individual and group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons.  

Parents can reach me by calling the school or emailing me at  I also have a text # for parents to reach me.  My text # is 865-285-0546.  If you text me, please be sure to put your name and your student's name.  Please note that while you are able to text or email me at anytime, I may not be able to return texts/emails on the weekend or after 5p on weekdays.  You may also refer your student to me by clicking here.  This link will take you to the online school counseling referral form for NMES: School Counseling Referral Form


I believe that every student is able and encouraged to achieve academically and have emotional growth. Every student has the right to have access to the school counselor. Every student sees the school counselor approximately one or two times a month through classroom lessons. Small group or individual counseling with a student is available by referrals. Referrals can come from parents, administrators, teachers, or the student themselves.  

Closing the Gap action plans are developed and maintained throughout the school year to assure that all standards are being taught and can be adjusted depending on students that may be underserved. The school counseling program is focused on three things: primary prevention, intervention, and the student’s developmental needs. Primary prevention is accomplished through classroom lesson to ensure that all students participate in prevention activities. Focus on intervention is accomplished through the Response to Intervention (RTI) program that helps students who struggle academically or behaviorally. Focus on student needs may be accomplished through the RTI process or through individual planning/counseling sessions with students. It might also be accomplished by the adjustment of the closing the gap action plan, if a particular grade level appears to have difficulty with certain standards. The school counselor should act as an advocate for the student’s best interest and should often collaborate with parents, administrators, and teachers to help ensure the student’s individual needs are being addressed.

The school counseling program is managed by the school counselor and follows the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) code of ethics. It incorporates input from parents, administrators, and teachers. This program will be evaluated annually by the school counselor as well as the principal and Director of Student Services, Mandy Schneitman using the Tennessee Comprehensive School Counseling Model as well as the TEAM Evaluation System.


Vision Statement

The students, of New Market Elementary School, are goal and achievement oriented and will graduate ready to enter college or conquer the work force. All students participate in high quality opportunities to help them grow academically and personally. The comprehensive school counseling program facilitates a partnership between school, family and the community. As successful, life-long learners and productive citizens, our students will achieve their fullest potential, and will make a positive difference in our school and community.


Mission Statement

Student counseling services are provided by counselors for ALL students, through individual and/or small group counseling, classroom lessons, appointments with parents, and discussions with teachers. The counseling programs focus on identifying and teaching students those skills that are appropriate for their age that will help them successfully solve problems.

Counseling offers a means for the student to grow in knowledge of self and others, thus enabling the student to acquire skills needed to live effectively in today’s world. The counselor’s functions are varied as they help students better understand themselves in the world around them and develop a life-long love for learning.